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Hi we're Cara and Justin, expats in China on a mission to travel the world on a budget, find off-the-beaten path destinations, and immerse ourselves in the local culture. We share stories, travel guides, tips and photographs from around the world to inspire and help you to create your own adventure, wherever in the world you may be.

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If there’s one quintessential experience you’ve got to partake in when exploring Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast, it’s hiking the Path Of The Gods Trail. While walking the 7 km path across the ridge from Nocelle to Bomerano, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the Amalfi coastline from the moment you step foot onto the trail, until the moment you leave.

The Path of The Gods, or II Sentiero ...

Oh, Rome. What a traveler’s dream you are. From ancient ruins and stunning churches to incredible viewpoints, you have lived in the fantasies of many a dreamer.

I just wasn’t one of them…until now.

For a couple that doesn’t like cities, Rome stole our hearts in a very unexpected way. We only had a day and a half to explore the city during our recent trip to Italy and it wasn’t nearly enough tim...

I’m the first to admit that China is super confusing and often times just plain ridiculous. Even after living here for over 3 years, there are still things I don’t, and probably never will understand, like pretty much everything about their driving. In fact, ranting on the Chinese drivers could easily be an entire post in itself, so let’s not go there.

One thing that I have got down pat, by now...

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