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Hi we're Cara and Justin, expats in China on a mission to travel the world on a budget, find off-the-beaten path destinations, and immerse ourselves in the local culture. We share stories, travel guides, tips and photographs from around the world to inspire and help you to create your own adventure, wherever in the world you may be.

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The best way to explore the countryside around Yangshuo is on a bike. Hands down. Well, it’s actually the best way to explore any new area outside of the city, but Yangshuo just happens to be a particularly awesome spot for adventuring on two wheels.

Why Should You Go Bike Riding In Yangshuo?

You know that person that just seem to be friends with everyone? The one that is friends with so many d...

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the freedom to be up for any adventure on your travels, be it a walking tour or a full-on mountain trek? After all, you never know what opportunities and adventures may come your way on the road.

The awesome thing about travel is that the more you do it, the more cool things you find out about that you never even knew existed before arriving at your destination. ...

The Longji Rice Terraces are Guilin’s very much underappreciated gems. Overshadowed by the famous Li River and surrounding karst scenery, the Longji Rice Terraces (also called the Longsheng Rice Terraces) are often viewed as a bit of an afterthought on the Guilin travel radar. Something to see only if you have the time.

In a way, I appreciate this mindset because it keeps the rice terraces pris...

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